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Minutes of the November 10, 2013 Meeting

The annual meeting was held on Sunday, November 10, 2013, at the American Legion Hall in Lake Milton, Ohio, and was called to order by President Jim Bedell.  All current sections were represented, except Erie.  The Berdis’ were attending the IF Convention.  Attendance approached 50, the most seen in years.


Ron Pairan, AU Lake ZoNe Director, addressed the group ahead of our regular meeting, bringing up a wide variety of issues of importance: current AU legal events with PETA, Karen’s reasoning for taking a plea, Mardis’ situation, legal assistance for “Certified Lofts”, the loft certification necessity, promotional packets and informational services, speaker’s bureau opportunities, Winspeed improvements, national data base update, “due process” issues at the club level, and the need for club’s to have a constitution and by-laws. 

Some of us also got a chance to handle his “Triple Crown” winner. 

Because the AU promotes zone meetings with post cards, it might be in the FED’s interest to include this as a regular part of our program.  


Secretary Lee Kohli read the minutes of the meeting of December 2, 2012.  The Minutes were approved after the following correction: clarification was made that section changes included the “Lake Section” being absorbed by Cleveland Section, “Steel Valley” being absorbed by Akron-Buckeye Section, the “PONY Section” becoming a part of the Section, and the “Pitt Section” becoming a part of Penn-Ohio Section.  A motion to accept was made by Ralph Withrow, with a second by Jim Hazek.  With corrections, they stand approved as read.

The five voting section reps are: (1) Jimmy Berdis for Erie, (2) Charles Agee for Cleveland, (3) Pat Quilter for ABC, (4) Mick Himich For Interstate And (5) Heber Nelson For Penn-Ohio.


Treasurer Jim Bedell reviewed the financials of the organization through the date of the current meeting. 

The spending of the organization is tallied and monitored by Monica Smith, a 15 year employee of Bedell-Krause.  Copies of transactions can be emailed to anyone wanting one. 

Motion to approve was made by Gene Swanson, with a second by Joe Jirousek. 

The upcoming “iPigeon” auction was discussed, and a small auction was held at this meeting of 3 super birds donated by Don Campbell, Charles Agee and Mich Himich, that generated another $570 for the treasury.  Thank you gentlemen, for your generosity.  Thank you buyers for your generous support.


The new website is www.ohiopennfederation.com.  Our webmaster is Bob Tauscher of the GAR Club.  The website is still a work in progress, and will feature, articles, pictures of our events, an events calendar, race schedules, loft profiles, race results, loft pictures, winning bird pictures, special links and more, as Bob has time to get the info downloaded.  “Old Harry would be proud.” 


Jim Bedell suggested the FED set up a “New Member Committee” which would develop a small program to assist clubs and new members (that actually end up flying), with funding.  The spirit of the concept is too try to offset some of the up-front costs that most new members struggle with, that might make them give up.  Various questions were asked, and funding amounts bantered about.  $50 was decided upon as a start.  Don Campbell volunteered to chair the committee and to work out the details (which could change as his committee gets into its work).  A motion, by Stan Piesetzkie, second by Mike Jenkins, was made to organize and fund the idea.  Campbell is to report back to Jim Bedell as details emerge.


A motion was made by Larry Ryan, with seconds by Stan Piesetzkie and Jim Hazek, to retain all officers in their current capacities;
Jim Bedell as President/Treasurer, Terry Finnerty as Race Secretary/Liberator, and Lee Kohli as Secretary. 

Voted on and approved.  A good clap of support followed the election for the progress made to date.  The officers thank you.  It was appreciated.


Following on the heels of the 2013 600 mile race flown by the GAR Club, a discussion ensued about adding a 600 mile race to the Federation race schedule in 2014. 

The FED, being a long-distance organization, is being true to its mission, to this end.  It was decided to liberate from a location yet to be chosen in Tennessee (about 12 miles North of Huntsville?, so as to moderate the already long distances flown by the FED long-enders. That could be achieved by going more Southerly, as we did with Bowling )

A  motion to proceed was made by Stan Piesetkzie, with a second by Don Campbell.  The motion was voted on and passed. 

Having been contacted by Mike Warner, who was inquiring for the Fremont, Findlay, and Defiance clubs about participating in Ohio-Penn Federation, it was decided to have Lee Kohli follow-up to check their interest.  The Southerly route for the 600 makes this a real possibility.

As a part of this discussion, Terry Finnerty reminded everyone that all clubs have to be using the same measurement.  Interstate currently has both Bowens and GPS measurements from all stations for all members.  Terry is to work details out for all other combines.

Also discussed were the race-result delays caused by clubs not getting information to Terry “Winspeed ready”, or on time. 

Results that are not sent in “Winspeed ready” must be entered by Terry, one bird at-a-time; this after all other pertinent backup data has first been entered.  You can imagine the immensity of this work load when 1000 plus birds are in the race. It virtually assures that race results will be delayed, and/or confused.  Club Race Secretaries, real help is needed here!

Terry has been given (in past meetings), the authority to disqualify tardy clubs, but has held off so as not to hurt innocent members. 

In a motion made in the 11/14/2010 annual meeting by Betsy Green, seconded by Walter Przeracki, and voted for by all reps, each club is to have one week after the end of each race to submit results suitable for Winspeed, or face disqualification.

So, the potential to disqualify tardy clubs remains and all participants need to be aware of it. 

Tom Erdner spoke for all FED participants when he praised Terry for his accuracy and efficacy in getting out race results despite the club hiccups.  

The following 2014 race schedule was approved with the addition of the new Federation 600 “piggy-backing” the Bowling Green 400 on 5/31/14:

FED 300, Cloverdale, IN on Sat, 5/24/14
FED 400, Bowling Green, KY on Sat, 5/31/14
FED 600, xx, Tennessee, on Sat 5/31/14
FED 400, Effingham, IL on Sat 6/14/14
FED 500, O’Fallon, IL on Sat 6/28/14

It was a sweet experience to see FED action take place with positive input, absent delays and argument.


Trophies, coats and plaques were awarded to all race and section winners of the 2013 Old Bird Federation Race Series.  A group picture was taken, and a jolly, good time was had by all.


FED 300: (1ST) Overall/Interstate, John Bianco;    
(3rd)Penn-Ohio, Bob Buechel;    
(52nd) ABC, Lee Kohli;    
(148th) Erie/PONY, James R Berdis;    
(211th) Cleveland, Trajon Cinc

FED 400: (1st) Overall/ABC, Lee Kohli;    
(3rd) Penn-Ohio, Heber Nelson;    
(25th) Cleveland, Larry Ryan;    
(34th) Interstate, Levelgreen Loft;    
(63rd) Erie/PONY, Dennis Mcnaughton; 

FED 500: (1ST) Overall/Penn-Ohio, Windy Point;
(6th) Interstate, Gary Marsh;   
(22nd) ABC, Lee Kohli;    
(51st) Cleveland, Jim Hazek;    
(162nd) Erie/PONY, Aden Wienczkowski

At 3:45 pm, the meeting was adjourned.