Ohio-Penn Federation
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The History

The Ohio - Penn Federation 500 flew its first Federation 500 mile race in 1993 from Williamsport, Ky. - 36 lofts - 326 birds. In 2003, 135 lofts flew 1,900 birds from East St. Louis, IL.

In 1998 a Federation 400 mile race was added from Effingham, IL. - 58 lofts flew 539 birds. In 2003, 156 lofts flew 2,133 birds from Effingham.

In 2002 our races were honered as A.U. Sanctioned Races. The A.U. provides a handsome trophy for first A.U. winners. And, the Overall and Section winners were recognized in the A.U. Updates.

A report on our races was submitted to the A.U. at the time we were approved. A summary of that report showed what we did and how we did it - and why classic long distance races have regrown in popularity in N.E. Ohio, and western Pennsylvania into New York state.

A Federation approach was used to give Competition and Recognition to Club, Section, and Overall Race winners.


Federation Sections are based on current Combine / Clubs and location. Flyers compete against "locals" for these awards (area flyers with similar distances). The Sections are:

  • Cleveland
  • Pittsburgh
  • Lake
  • Steel Valley
  • Pony
  • Over Section
  • Interstate

The Federation "500" 1st Overall award must fly between 450 mi. and 600 miles. Flyers beyond 600 miles fly for a Over Section plaque.

All original sections, but one in the middle, have won 1st Overall. All races, but one, have had day birds.

The East St. Louis and Effingham race stations have given us fair and exciting races. The front of approx. 90 miles east to west, and 150 N.E. to S.W., is very similar to the Barcelona race; with one major difference. We have the excitement and honor of day birds up to 580 miles.


Overall winners receive Federation trophies with pictures of the winning bird in addition to the A.U. trophies.

Section winners receive 12 X 14 wall plaques with pictures of the winning bird. These professional photos have been well received.

Magazine write-ups feature Overall and Section winners and the top 1% in the races. Magazine Covers (when available) also show the winners. The A.U. Convention Yearbook is used to feature the winners and top 1% in a full page ad.

Race Results: show overall Federation positions and section positions.

Award Event: A yearly award event is held to honor the winners with trophies, plaques and a brunch. Section winners bring in winning birds for photos.

Race Rules: All races are flown under A.U. race rules. We could not fly this size race with out them. Dates for the races are set: 400 is the 2nd Saturday in June, and the 500 is the 4th Saturday in June.

Shipping & Trucking: A most attractive aspect of the Federation races is the tremendous shipping savings. Three to Five trucks pick up birds at the shipping points.

Organization and Officers: Elected officers are: President, Secretary / Treasurer, Liberator, and Race Secretary. Each section has a volunteer section representative. Each section has one vote at meetings. Currently, an annual meeting is held after the award event in November. All Federation expenses are financed thru a $3.00 loft entry fee, and an auction when needed. All officers and section representives receive meeting minutes and financial statements.

Thank You!  The Federation Officers and Section Reps. thank the A.U. for their help in making these races a success. A.U. race rules, A.U. race programs, and now the A.U. Sanctioned Race recognition, have all contributed to the growth of our Classic Races.