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2003 Federation 500 Mile Race

135 Lofts ----- 1,795 Birds

Submitted by Harry Boos

Liberator Jim Timmons released the birds on June 28th at 6:30 am from the East St. Louis station. The weather was clear and calm. A partly cloudy sky with south winds and 80 degree tempature made for a great race day.

The Winners

Don Green- First Overall!

First A.U. & FED Trophies - First Cleveland Section

AU-98-OCH-669 BBSP Cock flew 479.9 miles, arriving at 3:29 pm, for a speed of 1566.4 YPM. He was flown on the natural system with 8 - 10 day eggs.

Don started flying in 1928 with his father, as Fred Green and Son. His mother's brothers were also prominent pigeon flyers in Cleveland. For the last three years, Jeff Bowser has been his partner. Last year, Jeff won the FED "500" race. So, this is really two years in a row for Don and Jeff.

#669 is bred down from his own local family of birds with a Bastin background. Local fanciers have provided Don with birds bred from winners that excel in distance races.

Don takes pride in the many years flying with his father Fred, "We competed in many races that we did not win, however, we always had a team of birds ready for the next race."

Jack Yohe - First Akron / Buckeye Section - 2nd Overall

AU-01-GNEO-0394 LtBl. Ch. Hen flew 490.1 miles, arriving at 3 :53 pm, for a speed of 1531.4 YPM. She was flown on the natural system.

Jack is an "OLD" hand in our sport, having started in Barberton, Ohio in 1941. He flew there in 1941-43 and 1945-47. Then school, military service (Navy Pilot) kept him from flying pigeons until 1991.

Since 1991 he has been active flying in the Buckeye Combine, RCI Club, GAR Club, and Akron Concourse. Jack has many wins, so will only highlight his most memorable ones:

     1992 - 1st LCF 300 mile Y.B. Futurity
     1995 - Buckeye Combine Loft Championship O.B & Y.B
     1996 - 2nd & 3rd GNOE 300 Y.B.
     1998 - 1st Overall Ohio-Penn FED "500"
     2000 - 1st , 3rd, 4th, & 9th Akron / Buckeye Section FED "500"
     2002 - 16th Overall FED "500"
     2003 - 2nd Overall FED "500", 1st Akron / Buckeye Section
     2nd, 4th, 6th, 9th & 10th LCF 300 mile Y.B.

All of Jack's breeders came from Campbell Strange.

#394 was bred by Robert Gonzalez from Campbell Strange bloodlines.

Jack thanks the Federation officers for their efforts in giving the Federation "500" race national recognition.


Rich Bell - First Lake Section - 5th Overall

AU-01-WH-9256 BC Cock flew 512.6 miles, arriving at 4 :42 pm for a speed of 1473.8 YPM. Rich Bell has done consistently well on the Federation "500" classic races.

Dave Shaffer - First PENN-OHIO, 12th Overall

AU-01-HAR-0305 BB Hen flew 544.3 miles, arriving at 5:31 pm for a speed of 1447.6 YPM. #305 was sitting on 10 day eggs.

Dave is a 60 year old retired postal worker and former Marine. He started racing in 1957 in Erie, Pa. And had common and fancy pigeons until he found out about racing pigeons. He thanks Jim Berdis and other Erie, Pa. Flyers for helping and encouraging him as a kid.

In 1975 he moved to Cranberry TWP. , Pa. And has flown with the Beaver Valley Club, Harmony Club, and PENN-OHIO Combine. An impressive highlight of his wins follows.

     2003 - Dave won 1st PENN-OHIO Section in both the FED 500 mile and FED 400 mile races.
                Also in 2003: 1st Club OB Ave. Speed - 2nd Combine Ave. Spd.
     2002: 1st PENN-OHIO Section FED 400
               34th Overall FED 500 - 22nd PENN-OHIO Section.

#305 BB Hen parents both came from Tony & Bill loft of Tony Deltondo and Bill Brown. She had previously placed 4th Club and 30th Combine (31 lofts - 770 birds) in an OB 150.

Dave thanks Bill Brown for his help and providing good birds to breed from. He also thanks the FED officers for the FED races.

House & Son - First Steel Valley Section

IF-01-LCF-1399 BB Hen flew 526.2 miles, arriving at 5:19 pm, for a speed of 1426.2 YPM. She was sitting on 15 day eggs.

Bud House has flown racing pigeons for 56 years, starting in 1947. He flew partners with his father, Lloyd H. House, from 1947 to 1959. After that they flew to separate lofts.

Bud House has won many prizes over the years. In addition to his "500" Section win, he also won the 400 mile section.

     2003 OB - 6 first in Club - 1st Ave. Speed & Combine, and King Loft.
     2002 OB - 4 first in Club - 1st Ave Speed Club & Combine, and King Loft.

His basic family is old Strassarts crossed with some Sions, Janssens an Houbens.

#1399 was in the clock 8 of 12 previous races, winning one first and three seconds. Her father, IF-99-OPC-925 BB old Stassart was in clock time 14 of 24 races. Her mother IF-99-1231 BB old Stassart / Houben was a steady flyer.

Jim & J.R. Loft - First Pittsburgh Section

AU-99-NF-0458 flew 549.1 miles, arriving at 6 :01 pm for a speed of 1397.0 YPM. This is a first time Federation win for Charles Rancatore and his partner.

Himich Loft - First Interstate Section

IF-01-LAT-1203 BC WT Hen flew 575.6 miles, arriving at 7:09 pm for a speed of 1333.6 YPM. The Interstate section (East of Pittsburgh into Pa. & Md.) was just made a section so do not have any information on the Himich Loft, sorry.

Allen Jacobs - First P.O.N.Y. Section

IF-01-PONY-0306 BLK Ck flew 551.8 miles arriving at 6:38pm for a speed of 1333.5 YPM.

Allen has flown racing pigeons for 42 years, starting in 1961. He has flown with Tri City, Erie an P.O.N.Y.

His most recent awards with P.O.N.Y. Combine are:

     2003 - O.B. and Y.B. Champion loft and 1st Ave. Spd and Bird of the Year
     2002 - Y.B. Champion Loft
     2001 - Y.B. Champion Loft and 1st Ave. Spd. and Bird of the Year.

#306 was 2001's Bird of the Year. He has been 1st, 2nd or 3rd seven times form 100 to 600 miles. Both the sire and the dam of #306 are from Ralph Springs Blacks. Ralph has great long distance Blacks. In addition to the Blacks, Allen also flys birds down from Gerlach / Cressler - Janssens / Koch and Sions. He thanks Shirl Gerlach / Lew Cressler and Ralph Springs for help along the way.

John Dowey - First Over Section

IF-98-ALT-8701 DC SP Hen flew 640.0 miles, arriving at 6:17 am for a speed of 1153.1 YPM.

#8701 was sitting on 14 day eggs.

John has been in the sport 18 years, starting in 1986. His son Kevin, is his new partner. Birds have been flown in the Altoona Club, Pittsburgh Southern Combine, and now with the Interstate Combine.

Most recent awards with the A section Combine are:

     2003 - OB 1st Average Speed, Champion Bird & Champion Loft
     2002 - OB 1st average speed

#8701 has been a Club winner since YB's with previous wins:

     1998 - 1st Athens, Ohio and Louisville, Ky
     1999 - OB 1st Cincinnati, Ohio
2000 - OB 1st Parkersburg, WV, Glendon, Ohio & East St. Louis, Il
     2001 - OB 1st East St. Louis, Il, 4th in Combine

#8701 parents are both from John's Grizzle crosses. He only keeps 6 - 8 breeder pairs. They are the Grizzles, HVR, Ardens, Janssens and Van Loons.

Notable Day Birds:

The race produced many day birds. The three that flew the farthest were:

J.R. Berdis - Lake Section - 578.9 miles arriving at 6:45pm

A.J. Bianco - Interstate - 580.0 miles arriving at 7:44 pm

And....the furthest, G. Marsh - Interstat - 596.9 miles arriving at 9:03 pm.

The TOP 1%

The top 1% included four section winners and 13 Akron / Buckeye lofts:

Section Pos Loft Bird Arrival Miles ToWin YPM
Cleveland 1st D. Green AU-98-OCH-669-BBSPC 15:29:16 479.969 00.00 1566.471
Akron / Buckeye 2nd J. Yohe AU-01-GNEO-394-LCH 15:53:17 490.135 12.35 1531.445
Akron / Buckeye 3rd D. Stine IF-01-SAS-432-BBC 16:14:34 501.268 21.22 1509.206
Akron / Buckeye 4th D. Stine IF-99-SAS-1123-RCH 16:27:24 2/42 34.12 1476.786
Lake 5th R. Bell AU-01-WH-9256-BCC 16:42:12 512.675 36.11 1473.878
Lake 6th F. Jerioski AU-97-ERPC-6221-BCH 18:04:58 580.068 43.14 1469.020
Akron / Buckeye 7th MI-KOE AU-02-GNEO-3113-BBC 16:02:45 471.919 42.31 1450.157
Akron / Buckeye 8th Weber AU-00-GAR-1977-BCC 16:23:39 488.915 44.19 1449.491
Akron / Buckeye 9th N. Elegban AU-01-WHF-117-DCC 15:44:10 456.241 41.33 1448.994
Akron / Buckeye 10th MI-KOE IF-02-LCF-1147-BBSPC 16:03:15 2/7 11.11 1140.910
Akron / Buckeye 11th Weber IF-02-HOF-123-RCH 16:24:24 2/12 45.04 1447.662
PENN - OHIO 12th Shaffer AU-01-HAR-305-BBH 17:31:45 544.311 50.11 1447.658
Akron / Buckeye 13th Koenig Loft AU-02-GNEO-438-BBC 16:01:32 470.080 43.22 1447.581
Akron / Buckeye 14th Price AU-01-WHF-045-DCC 15:53:29 462.445 43.54 1444.414
Cleveland 15th J. Edinger AU-02-OCH-2935-BBC 16:13:03 476.679 47.28 1438.908
Akron / Buckeye 16th J. Yohe AU-98-RCI-172-BCC 16:30:05 2/13 49.23 1437.275
Akron / Buckeye 17th MI-KOE AU-02-CPCA-720-BCC 16:07:53 3/7 47.39 1437.275
Akron / Buckeye 18th Kohli AU-02-GNEO-1522-BBH 16:01:27 466.325 47.30 1436.227