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2003 Federation 400 Mile Race

156 Lofts ----- 2,133 Birds

Submitted by Harry Boos

Liberator Jim Timmons does a great job coordinating the trucks and drivers into the liberation stations. They come from a wide area , and first time drivers need his help for a smooth and timely release. He makes the call for time of release after checking weather, winds, etc. Only one race was cancelled for weather conditions in ten years.

The 400 mile race birds were up at 7:00 a.m. on June 15th. The weather stayed clear, with NE winds at release. The weather stayed clear, but the NE winds picked up to slow the birds as only the winning bird flew in 1100's YPM.

The Winners

Lee Kohli - First Overall!

First A.U. & FED Trophies - First Akron / Buckeye Section

IF-02-SBMF-168 BC hen flew 382.6 miles, arriving at 5:07 pm, for a speed of 1108.7 YPM. She was flown to a 14 day youngster, substituted to the nest to hold her nest condition. Old Birds are flown natural.

Her sire is from Wally Tienprasid of Columbus, Ohio. He is out of Dibieve / Hollywood, Picanol VIII and Wally's Girl. Her dam is from a Desmet Mathys hen from Andy Kowalewski of Spring Hill, Fl.

#168 followed up her 400 mile win with 38th overall in the FED 500 two weeks later.

Lee Kohli has an agriculture degree from Ohio State University (GO BUCKEYES!), and worked in the broiler industry for 26 years. He currently owns and operates a general store in Winesburg, Ohio, the heart of the Amish country. This allows him to schedule work to fit training needs.

Lee's years in the sport started wholeheartedly in 1998. Previously he flew in the Bryan Pigeon Club and with the Southern Flying Club in Columbus, Oh.

Previous Combine / National Awards:

     2002 - 2nd Digest Y.B. Ace Loft
                Buckeye Combine - Y.B. Champion Loft, 1st Y.B. Ave. Spd. & Y.B. Champion Bird
     2001 - Buckeye Combine - Old Bird Champion Loft

Since 1998 Lee has won 9 combine 1st, 9 combine 2nd, and 11 combine third, and had 27 - 500 mile day birds and 2 - 600 mile day birds. Current families come from Mardis, Ganus, Koch, N. Kirsch, A. Lowalewski, N. Elegban and his mentor and friend, Wally Tiensprasid.

Dave Shaffer - First PENN-OHIO Section - 2nd Overall

AU-01-HAR-1322 BB Hen flew 460.7 miles, arriving at 7:17 pm, for a speed of 1099.4 YPM.

#1322 ("The Little Flirt") has previosly flown very well. She was 33rd in a YB special with 52 lofts and 312 birds. And, in the FED 500, two weeks after the 400, she was 47th Overall against 135 lofts & 1795 birds.

Both her parents are from Tony & Bill Loft of East Liverpool, Oh. (Tony Deltondo & Bill Brown)

#132 is very tame. She lost her mate early in the season. Dave says she became very attached to him, and flew home to him.

Dave also won the PENN-OHIO Section in the FED 500. See his write-up in the 500 mile race.

Paul Demark - First Pittsburgh Section - 5th & 6th Overall

#952 - PG flew 457.9 miles, arriving at 7:29 pm, for a speed of 1075.8 YPM. #0156 came with #952, and clocked in 8 seconds later at 1075.7 YPM. Two on the drop from 457 miles! Sorry, no info on either bird, but, Paul really had these two ready to take 5th & 6th Overall, and 1st & 2nd in the Pittsburgh Section.

Allen Morris - First Interstate Section, 11th Overall

IF-01-CVI-0242 BB Cock flew 478.1 miles, arriving at 8:09 pm for a speed of 1065.4 Again, our Interstate Section did not have an opportunity to get info to us. We know they will be a very competitive section.

Jeff Bowser - First Cleveland Section - 20th Overall

AU-02-GNEO-1918 BB Cock flew 395.9 miles, arriving at 6:05 pm, for a speed of 1047.5 YPM.

Jeff started flying pigeons in 1999 with Don Green, (Winner of FED 500), as a partner. His dad and Don were partners for many years. Don and Jeff fly from different lofts now, but are still a team.

Jeff's winning this brings back memories of his father's (Tom Bowser) last race with Don. It was a 400 mile S.W. Concourse race in June, 1999. They won the race, and it was Tom Bowser's birthday the next day. That was the best present he could ask for. Tom Bowser passed away in August, 1999. Jeff thanks his dad and Don for their love of pigeon flying that led him to the sport.

Jeff's other awards are:

     2002 - 1st place AU Classic 500 & 1st FED 500 AU-00-SWM-0253
     2002 - 4th place SWM 300 - AU-02-0239
     2001 - 2nd place OCH 100 - AU-00-SWM-0920
     2000 - Don & Jeff also won the SWM 300 - AU-00-SWM-0256

Angelo Buzecan - First Lake Section - 25th Overall

IF-00-Erie-3436 flew 414.2 miles, arriving at 6:40 pm for a speed of 1040.7 YPM. While Angelo and #3436 did not make the award event, there was a interesting race story told by Bill Gallik, a fellow CLub member. It seems that #3436 came to Angelo's loft when flown by J.R. Berdis, the birds owner. When returning the bird, Mr. Berdis, told Angelo to fly it. He did, with winning results. But, on a later race, #3436 returned to Mr. Berdis, and she is staying there.

Of further interest, J.R.Berdis won 2nd in the Lake Section with IF-00-Erie-3417. So his birds, unofficially, took both 1st & 2nd in the Lake Section

House & Son - First Steel Valley Section

AU-00-SFF-029 BB Cock flew 442.2 miles, arriving at 8:07 pm for a speed of 988 YPM. #229 flew in clock time in 21 of 25 races with two 1st,one 2nd, and two third place finishes.

His sire is AU-95-OPC-548 BB Stassart / Houben, a good flyer and great stock bird. His damis AU-95-OPC-568 BB from the old Stassart line.

Bud House also won the Steel Valley 500 mile Section and his loft history is in that write-up.

Steve Mayr - First Over Section

IF-01-LCF-1079 BB Cock flew 539.1 miles, arriving at 7:22 am for a speed of 957.7 YPM.

Steve's #1079 flew a long way to his home loft in Dunkirk, NY, near Lake Erie. Winning the Over Section (over 500 miles in the 400 mile FED race), was a real challenge, and deserves good recognition.

Pete Weis - First P.O.N.Y. Section

IF-01-OVF-0789 BC Hen flew 497.6 miles arriving at 10:16 am for a speed of 752.2 YPM.

Pete started flying in 1993. He has flown with the Titusville Pigeon Club, the A.F.C. Racing Club and P.O.N.Y. Section in the FED 500, and in 1999, he was 1st Section in the FED 400.

The families flown are a "Heinz 57" mixture. #0789 was bred from: Sire #87-CBS-2675 BB; Dam #97-ZLR-33 BC.

Pete looks forward to flying in Federation 400 & 500 mile races every year.

The TOP 1%

The top 1% of the birds includes five section winners. One percent winners were also well distributed by section:

Section Pos Loft Bird Arrival Miles ToWin YPM
Akron / Buckeye 1st Kohli IF-02-SBMF-0168-BCH 17:07:30 382.691 00.00 1108.701
PENN - OHIO 2nd Shaffer AU-01-HAR-1322-BBH 19:17:36 460.789 06.07 1099.497
Akron / Buckeye 3rd S. Schlabach IF-02-SBMF-432- 17:00:37 372.494 09.18 1091.527
PENN - OHIO 4th H. Nelson IF-02-OH-0002-BCC 18.48.12 434.918 17.55 1080.633
Pittsburgh 5th P. Demark PG-66-SWC-0952 19:29.05 457.918 22.09 1075.896
Pittsburgh 5th P. Demark PG-66-SWC-0156 19:29:13 2/23 22.17 1075.704
Pittsburgh 7th Beuchel Loft IF-00-WMC-1373-BBC 19:43:10 465.024 24.58 1072.429
PENN - OHIO 8th H. Nelson AU-99-OVF-0727-BCSPC 18:53:51 2/37 23.34 1072.080
Akron / Buckeye 9th J. Yohe AU-00-GNEO-2197-BCC 18:07:58 406.274 23.01 1070.476
PENN - OHIO 10th H. Nelson AU-02-SFF-0072-DCC 18:56:42 3/37 26.25 1067.817
Akron / Buckeye 11th Allen Morris IF-01-CVI-0242-BBC 20:09:48 478.104 30.50 1065.413
PENN - OHIO 12th M. Warder AU-02-SFF-899-BBC 18:30:19 417.356 27.47 1064.072
Pittsburgh 13th P. Demark PG-66-SWC-0170 19:38:15 3/23 31.19 1062.889
PENN - OHIO 14th T. Roe AU-01-SFF-508-GRIZH 18:31:37 417.356 29.05 1062.072
Akron / Buckeye 15th J. Yohe AU-00-GNEO-615-BCC 18:16:01 2/22 31.04 1057.729
Akron / Buckeye 16th Timmons AU-02-WSL-826-BBC 18:52:36 426.766 35.08 1054.039
PENN - OHIO 17th T. Roe AU-02-LIS-939-DCH 18:38:03 2/50 35.31 1052.284
PENN - OHIO 18th M. Warder AU-02-SFF-1075-GRIZC 18:39:45 2/21 37.13 1049.727
Akron / Buckeye 19th Price AU-02-WHF-018-BCH 17:34:24 378.377 33.44 1049.722
Cleveland 20th J. Bowser AU-02-GNEO-1918-BBC 18:05:14 395.948 36.41 1047.555
Pittsburgh 21st Beuchel Loft IF-01-WMF-107-BCC 20:01:56 2/9 43.44 1046.691
Pittsburgh 22nd P. Demark PG-66-SWC-1826 19:51:03 4/23 44.07 1045.224

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