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2001 Federation 500 Mile Race

138 Lofts ----- 1,901 Birds

Submitted by Harry Boos

The 2001 FED 500 was flown June 23rd. 1,901 birds were released from 138 lofts at 6:45 a.m. from East St. Louis, IL by liberator Jim Timmons. A sunny, calm day greeted the birds, but the wind picked up to North 7 - 10 mph under partly cloudy skies. This slowed the speeds, but the race still produced 46 day birds. The top three birds came from Cleveland Section first, Penn - Ohio Section second, and Akron / Buckeye Section third. The first two birds arrived over 80 miles apart - from Cleveland to East Liverpool on the Ohio River.

The Winners

Vic Miller - First Overall FED "500" and First Cleveland Section

Vic Miller's AU-99-OVR-1011 BC C, clocked in at 6:42 p.m. flying 477 miles at 1170 ypm. Vic Miller is a giant in the sport at a young 59. He and the sport were written up May 27th on the front page of the Metro Section of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. A fine write-up with a colored picture of Vic and his champions. "I do it because I love the birds. I get the same feeling today as the first time I ever saw a bird flying home from a race." A fine quote from "Mr. Snowbird," himself.

Vic started in the sport 45 years ago, in 1956. His partner is Josey Miller, his wife. Vic gives her credit for putting up with no vacation times during the racing season, and helping with the loft maintenance. Presently, he is President of the Independent Homing Club.

Vic's family, "The Millers" is well covered in the Oak Haven Farm breeders book. The "Miller Line" pages cover the "Miller Cock," the "Miller Hen," plus other champions. Vic also uses Ganus birds and Joseph Thone birds for crosses. His flying system is widowhood, and he is a master at it.

The race winner #1011, named "David's Perfection," is a true Champion flyer. Not only was he first at the FED 500 against 1,901 birds, but two weeks earlier, he was first Cleveland Section in the FED 400; 20th Overall against 1,734 birds. His club wins include:

     1999 - 12th at 100, 4th at 150, 5th at 200, 3rd at 300
     2000 - 9th at 100 & 13th at 200
     2001 - 5th at 100, 9th at 200, 1st at 400 & 1st 500 & Champion Bird

#1011 parents - Father is bred from "Mr. Perfect Son X "Miss Texas", bred by Sam Stockton, winner of the 1997 OCR YB Classis Race; also bred 2nd Snowbird. - Mother is bred from "Almost Perfect" X "Josey's Doll" which bred winner of 1995 Snowbird.

Heber Nelson - First Penn-Ohio Section, 2nd Overall

Heber Nelson's 00-VF-42, DCSpl C, clocked in at 8:30 p.m., flying 518 miles at 1142 ypm. Heber Nelson is another giant in the sport. Very quietly, he has collected the most Federation 1st places in our largest section, in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, and again in 2001. In 1999 Heber was 1st Overall in the FED 400. This is an awesome record against great competition.

This year he also won the area's biggest young bird race, the "GNEO." Heber was 1st and 9th flying against 980 birds from 96 lofts.

#42 showed he was a winner, as a young bird, he was 4th in a 300 mile Futurity against 322 birds, and 14th Combine against 603 birds from 41 lofts; 6th Club and 20th Combine at 300 miles, and 1st Penn - Ohio Combine against 510 birds and 29 lofts.

His sire 99 SFF-0215 is out of Busschaert winners. His dam 98-OH-063 DC Spl, won 1st Penn-Ohio and 3rd overall in the 1999 FED 500. She also bred the GNEO winner (above). She is from a Busschaert / Stichelbaut pair that have bred 15 first place winners in 5 years.

Jack Yohe - First Akron / Buckeye Section - 3rd Overall

Jack Yohe's 00-GNEO-2200 BC C, clocked in at 7:21 p.m. flying 490 miles at 1141 ypm.

This was a great race for Jack. He was also 4th overall with 99-GAR-869 BC H, and 9th overall with 99-GAR-862 BB C. In 1998 Jack won 1st Overall in the FED 500.

Jack's 3rd place, 4th place, and 9th place birds all have a common denominator: a Blue Check Hen #93-WWC-3626. #3626 is the grandam of #2200, the mother of #869, and the grandam of #862. #3626 bred the mother of the AU Convention winner this year!

Andy Federouch - First Pittsburgh Section - 11th Overall

Andy Federouch clocked in at 8:55 flying 534 miles at 1106 ypm.

Don Swalius - First Lake Section, 22nd Overall

Don Swalius, #00-NERC-3082 DC H, clocked in at 8:27 p.m. flying 497 miles at 1064 ypm.

Don has been flying for five years. It all started in 1996, when he found a lost bird. He has flown with AFC, NERC, Erie and P.O.N.Y. clubs and combine. His partners are wife Lynn and daughter Kimmy. They helped him celebrate at the FED 500 Awards Event.

Don has an impressive flying record in five short years.

In 2001 - NERC Club Overall Average Speed and Long Average Speed Champ. Champion Loft OB
In 1999 - 2nd place FV Open Band Race
In 1998 - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd AFC Auction Race, 2nd place in Eddy Wendorf 300 mile Futurity, 1st place FV Open Bond Race
In 1997 - 1st Place AFC Auction Race, 1st place Lake Erie Bond Race, and third place FV Bond Race.

His family of birds are Desmet, Janssen, Roodhoft and Hofkens.

The sire of #3082 is Desmet bred by Mark Andrews from EastLake, Ohio. The mother is a Janssen / Van Hee bred by Mark Andrews. The birds are flown on dual widowhood.

Frank Durastante - 1st Steel Valley Section

Frank Durastante, 92-LCF-172 BBWF H, clocked in at 6:51 a.m. flying 523 miles at 943 ypm. He has been around the winner's table for 40 years. He started flying in 1961 with the WEC Club in Steel Valley Combine.

His most recent win was 1st Average Speed in both Club and Combine. He averages winning about 6 races per year.

The families of pigeons flown are Sion / Stassart / Janssen / Stichelbaut. The sire of #172 is a Janssen / Stichelbaut - 96-LCF-1405. The dam is Janssen - 99-LCF-1732 BB.

Pete Weis - First P.O.N.Y. Section

Pete Weis, 99-AFC-1349 BB H, clocked in at 8:55 a.m. flying 581 miles at 930 ypm.

He started flying in 1952 in New York City. He presently flies partners with his son Paul in the AFC Club, Titusville Club, and P.O.N.Y. Combine.

In 2001 in the P.O.N.Y., they took OB Average Speed, Champion Loft, as well as 1st Section FED 500.

#1349 also won Bird of the Year in 2000 in the Titusville Club. Her sire was brought from New York, Her dam is from "Ironman" - 8 x 1st Club and 4 x 1st Combine. She was bred by Ralph Caruso.

Garry Long - 1st "Over" Section

Garry Long, 99-IRPC-759 BC H, clocked in at 9:06 a.m. the second day, flying 607 miles at 961 ypm.

Garry started flying in 1988. He has flown with Western Maryland Club in the Pittsburgh Southern Combine, and currently flies with Cumberland Club in the Interstate Combine.

He has won many Club / Combine awards. His most recent win was Champion YB for the A Section in 2001.

#759 previously won 3rd at 200 miles this year as well as 1st Combine at the 600 (the FED 500 "Over" Section).

His family is called "Blue Bridge" pigeons. It is mixture of Janssen, Sion, HVR, Van Hee, etc. #759 sire is Janssen and dam: #1388 Sion was 1st in a Club 500 by 1/2 hour. Garry flies the natural system with the birds separated for the long races.

The TOP 1%

This is not Belgium, where the top 20% are "in the prizes," but, the top 1% of a Classic 500 mile race deserves special recognition.

Section Pos Loft Bird Arrival Miles YPM
Cleveland 1st V. Miller AU-99-OCR-1011-BCC 18:42:56 477.450 1170.460
PENN - OHIO 2nd H. Nelson 00-OVF-42-DCSPC 20:03:51 518.381 1142.080
Akron / Buckeye 3rd J. Yohe AU-00-GNEO-2200-BCC 19:21:00 490.135 1141.055
Akron / Buckeye 4th J. Yohe AU-99-GAR-869-BCH 19:23:52 490.135 1136.745
PENN - OHIO 5th H. Nelson 99-OVF-727-BBSPC 20:12:17 518.381 1130.149
Akron / Buckeye 6th Arrow Loft AU-99-GAR-1114-BCC 19:26:01 488.397 1129.514
PENN - OHIO 7th Burns Loft 99-OH-225-BCH 20:19:26 521.947 1127.934
PENN - OHIO 8th Holloway AU-00-GNEO-1737-BBH 19:33:01 488.195 1118.756
Akron / Buckeye 9th J. Yohe AU-99-GAR-862-BCC 19:43:28 490.135 1108.124
PENN - OHIO 10th Kelvington AU-98-SFF-984-BBH 21:02:06 538.908 1106.613
Pittsburgh 11th Federouch Bird 1 20:55:46 534.771 1106.293
PENN - OHIO 12th Holloway 99-FLU-2450-BBH 19:47:59 488.195 1097.371
PENN - OHIO 13th Cain AU-97-LIS-23-BCH 20:43:23 522.656 1097.200
Akron / Buckeye 14th B. Rostocil AU-99-SWM-99-BCH 19:27:09 473.149 1092.622
Akron / Buckeye 15th Heiselman AU-00-GNEO-1245-BBC 19:34:35 476.640 1090.053
Akron / Buckeye 16th Top Notch AU-96-AKS-227-BBC 19:36:55 477.623 1088.999
Akron / Buckeye 17th Koenig Loft AU-99-GNEO-1177-BCWFH 19:26:09 470.080 1086.962
PENN - OHIO 18th H. Nelson 00-OH-1137-DCC 20:56:10 518.381 1071.882
PENN - OHIO 19th Roe AU-99-FLU-2364-BBC 20:30:32 500.621 1067.302
Akron / Buckeye 20th Bedell & Koenig AU-00-LCF-540-BBC 19:46:48 472.991 1064.804


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